Review of All American 921 21-1/2Q Pressure Cooker

All American 921 Reviews

All American 921 Reviews

Customers always look for the best cooker. Speaking of which, the All American 921 is the hot favorite right now in the market among all pressure cooker.

It will work for big families as well as will sterilize homemade conserves and canned supplies as it has large size, heavy duty industrial construction and have a very good quality locking system.

All American 921 is quite a bit expensive among all. Still the long life of this canning and cooking pressure cooker and the effective construction will be very useful to its users. It’s the best one to pick if the price isn’t a matter.

Features Specifications
Capacity 21.5 Quart
Structure Hand Directed Aluminum with a Finish of Satin
Safety Measures Steam Gauge, a 6 Nut Lock System, Emergency Release Valve

Principal Features:

  • It has large capacity which maximizes up to seven large canning containers. Or can also be said that a total of 21.5 total volume of cooking can be done.
  • Aluminum with a heavy duty construction.
  • Special quality of metal all around for a sealing system, so no need to change rubber gasket.
  • Contains canning racks.
  • Far better than any other canning pressure cooker in market.


The luxurious industrial outlook of All American canning pressure cooker makes it impression immediately. Somehow it leaves an impression that it is more suitable in a restaurant or hotel kitchen rather than a home. As a matter of fact, the best part of using it with its sturdiness.

The first thing to notice as a customer about 921 about its look is the 6 separate locking nuts crafted around the edges on top which will makes it last long. The altitude does not matter here as it sterilizes safely your canning batch as well as it protects the assurance of perfect food with its reinforced pressure gauge.

You can get a multipurpose regulator cooking pot attaches to the top as a bonus with All American 921. The 3-stage regulator will allow you to maintain the pressure as you wish within five, ten or fifteen pounds.

To prevent burns, other hazardous accidents and also for the easy and safe removal of the pot lid it added small features. These small things make All American 921 even more valuable. Keep in mind the enduring handle which is glued to the hub of the lid. You would never have to replace the rubber gasket of All American 921 even if you use it very often. The design of the gasket is less sealing tops off the fact that it is already a tremendous cooker.


If we really need to find flaws in 921 then it mandatory to explain the big cooker/canner is 21.5 quart. Because of this quality it will be a problem for short people to use it as well as to maintain it in a small kitchen. Those who will face these problems you may alternate to Presto 01781 or “Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker.”

Definitely the price of All American 921 is a concern for some customers because it is high. A worthy solution for them would be to buy it from Amazon stores. For reconciliation, you are getting much better than what you are paying. Those who have a strict budget and small capacity, you simply move onto other better available options.

Our Pronouncement:

There is no question that this is among the finest stove-top cookers in the market that is versatile and also well-made. As a matter of fact it is the anticipated canning cooker to preserve food to get viral among its users for 921’s work quality.

The adjustable feature of pressure regulator is making canning and cooking really easy with the help of a pressure cooker. It is equipped with a pressure gauge, so whatever the altitude is, you would not have to guess the pressure to make the food not only perfect but also sterilized to preservation. All these facts are really indicates the only purpose of giving this cooker a high remark.

At last, if the asked price and the big size is not an issue for you then “All American 921” is the best pressure cooker in the market for you to purchase. This canning pressure cooker will last till your life with its fine construction.

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