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Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker Review

An all-purpose cooking tool that makes cooking rice kind of dishes and one pot meal really easy is none other than the Aroma 20-Cup rice cooker. This rice cooker cooks rice every time with perfection. It is automatic and keeps your food warm till you eat it. You might not eat for many hours, but the Aroma will keep the food warm. Cooking rice should be easy. If are able to boil water, you can easily cook rice. It will not need your any attention as it is automatic.

Yet skilled cooks complain about cooking rice with a saucepan with perfection on the stove. It is very likely to witness of the burn rice. The normal stove cooking rice needs continuant attention to cook. Even with all the attention the entire batch of rice can easily be burn or overcooked. This problem creates a fuss in the kitchen. An automatic best rice cooker 2017 can solve that problem in an instant. The best supporter here would be the Aroma 20-Cup rice cooker along with food steamer. It can erase your load amount of time while cooking rice only. Also it does its work with perfection and keeps your food warm till your dinner time.

Key Attributes:

  • It is an electric rice cooker that works automatically as well as a vegetable steamer.
  • It has control touchpad that is Digital.
  • It measure inches 10.8 x 11.8 x 10.8.
  • At a time it concocts 4-20 serving rice.
  • Setting: Keep warm.
  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • 8.75 pounds=Shipping weight.
  • Delay timer: 15-hour.
  • Inner pot is non-stick and Dishwasher safe.
  • It has internal basket to steam for continues cooking of vegetables.
  • Comes with a cup to measure, to serve a spatula.

Functions and Pros:

Rice is a food that needs to be a perfect cooking, otherwise it won’t taste good. But cooking well rice is a difficult job, at least not every day. That feeling can ruin your entire lovely dinner to a chew; sticky or burned taste, where everything is perfect without your rice. With the help of Aroma you can cook a perfect dish every day.

The Aroma 20-Cup rice cooker is big enough to cook for a large entire family as well as before party or get together. And you would not have to cook rice in batches to feed many people. Also the Aroma provides a steaming try, which is removable. Many occupied cooks will find it useful to steam their vegetables. It will save their time and energy.

Those who have tiny, small places to cook they will find the Aroma is a good choice. As it is a kitchen appliance that cooks rice, also can steam vegetables at time. Now that is a beneficial addition with the appliance itself. It has unit timer settings, that provides us the opportunity to have hot meal instant coming from work. The best part is it won’t dry your rice in all those hours as other cooking appliances do.

Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker

Aroma 20-Cup

This rice cooker and steamer can also slow cook like others best slow cooker 2017. It is an extra advantage to consumers from the Aroma. Also it has setting to cook slowly for all day long simmering ingredients. I guess the best part of using the Aroma 20-Cup is that the cleaning process. It is safe to dish wash. Even it has removable non-stick interior that allows it to clean properly with only water and cleaner. To catch the overflow of cooking it provides a tray that can hold your messes.

Benefits of Aroma20-Cup:

  • With every cooking, prepares perfect rice.
  • Does not affect your budget.
  • Large magnitude.
  • Saves time & energy by providing steam tray to cook vegetables.
  • The slow cooker ability can make soups and stew.
  • Does not make any sound while cooking.
  • Easy to handle and to work with.
  • Settings are in plain eyes.
  • Exterior of aluminum that makes it easy to clean and elegant.
  • Burning problem won’t be problem as it has external unit that doesn’t heat up.


  • Less than three cup rice would be a problem to cook.
  • The lid of inside is attached, so it is not easy to clean.

This multi-purpose rice cooker and steamer are very famous among its users. The versatility and the heavy duty performance made its name. Even the price of the Aroma 20-Cup rice cooker and steamer is way too cheap. It is pocket friendly kitchen appliance. More than 85% of users gave the Aroma four stars and more. Consumers find it easy to use. The Aroma does not have any complicated settings, which can irritate people. The cooking process of the Aroma 20-Cup is very cordial with the users.

Finally, most of the rice cookers only do one job at a time. But here the Aroma 20-Cup rice is versatile. You may find the Aroma as your favorite and must kitchen appliance. And find it very handy as the Aroma keeps food warm without any manual command automatically. Also it does not take a big place out of your kitchen. Nowadays a very famous cooking gift would be the Aroma 20-Cup rice cooker and food steamer. It is one of my best cooker 2017 you can get.

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