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Best Rice Cooker 2016

The rice cookers are the automated appliance of the kitchen which is designed to steam or boil rice. It has a source of heat, a thermostat, and a cooking bowl. The mechanism of the thermostat is to measure the cooker’s temperature of cooking and control the heat from getting burned.

The advanced rice cookers have some more extra features. It is now a basic need for our modern families. Most of the families are now considering it as the best path of cooking rice.

Top 5 Rice Cooker Reviews 2017

So, we have brought here the best rice cookers of 2017 for you. You can now easily pick your best one from our top choices. So read our expert’s best reviews now …

No #01: Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

It is a number one brand of the rice cooker in the US. It has the capacity of cooked rice at least 20 cups. This cooker has a digital controller to program it effectively. Multi options are given to cook the rice properly. They are: steam, white rice, slow cook, brown rice and keep warm.

Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker

After cooking the rice, it can shift to the warm mode automatically. The inner pot of cooking is nonstick and it is removable. So you can clean it quickly in the dishwasher safely. Some accessories are included with it: steam tray, serving spatula, exclusive recipe book, and rice measuring cup.

This Digital Rice Cooker can give you perfect cooked rice, stews, soups, vegetable and steams meat simultaneously. Rice of any type can be used here and you can get from it at least 20 cups of cooked rice. Different types of option are given to make your cooking time easier.

You have no need to control heat manually. You just give it proper command and it will start cooking. There is no risk of getting rice burned. Because after completing its cooking time, it turns on the warm mode. It can be easily maintained and washed.

No #02: Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Cooker

It has Micro computerized technology of fuzzy logic. This cooker keeps rice always warm. It has the capability to extend keep warm. Stainless steel is used for easy cleaning which is used for the exterior. It has two different settings of delay time. The manufacturer has included here beep signal and interchangeable melody. It has a built-in power cord which is retractable.

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 Rice Cooker

The LCD display has timer functions and clock. The control panel is easily readable. The inner lid is washable and detachable. From rice to the cake, many items can be cooked here. It is not only an ordinary rice cooker but also it has come in the market with its steaming basket which cans double the steam and it has also a menu setting of cake which can bake cakes.

It has the capacity of 10 cups cooked rice which is enough for a medium size family. The multi options have made the cooker enable to cook: rice, mixed rice, sushi, sweet, porridge, brown rice, cake and so on. It gives an alert when its cooking cycle comes to end. The updated technology has helped it to heat fast. The maintaining and keeping it clean is quite easier.

No #03: Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

It can contain 4 cups of uncooked rice or 8 cups of cooked rice. Easy-to-use multi functions have been given. They are: brown rice, white rice, warm mode and delay timer which has the capacity of more than 15 hours. The inner pot is a non-stick type and it is removable.

Aroma 8-cup Rice Cooker

For being removable it is best for dishwasher cleaning. The manufacturer has given some accessories free with this Rice Cooker. The body of the cooker is stainless and the steam tray is BPA-free. The controlling panel is digital.

Any type of rice can be cooked in this cooker. It is an automatic rice cooker. So you do not have any need of stirring and monitoring. After setting the program and timer, it will work automatically. Even it can automatically turn its warm mode when the rice cooking will be finished.

There is no chance of rice burning. Your food will stay warm as long you want. For easier cleanup, its parts are removable and the design of the cooker is safe. The customers will get some free accessories with it which is very needed to cook our meals successfully.

No #04: Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA 3-Cup Rice Cooker

This Zojirushi Rice Cooker can cook 3 cups rice and it can contain maximum 6 cups of cooked rice. Many cooking functions have been used here to make the cooker more updated. It inner pan of cooking is specially made to produce even heat which is essential for cooking.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Rice Cooker

Measuring lines are used here to measure the food ingredients properly. The inner lid makes the seal secure and it is detachable. The control panel of LCD is used to operate the program smartly. It is manufactured in China.

To get the tasty rice nothing can be so much better than this rice cooker. It will keep your rice all the time warm. For the small families, it is a perfect size. White rice, sweet, mixed rice, sushi, porridge, quick and brown cooking can be possible with it any time.

The inner pan of cooking is removable and it can be used to serve food on the table. It is also washable and best to increase heat properly. Its control panel is LCD type and easy to operate its mechanism. This stylish cooker can be our best companion of our daily life.

No #05: Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Rice/Pressure Cooker

This cooker has 7 separate multifunctional options. They are: pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, browning, yogurt, warmer, and steamer. A user manual is also included with it. Its large control panel is easier to use and 14 controlled programs of Micro-Processor are available.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Rice/Pressure Cooker

For slow and sauté cook, 3 temperatures, dual pressure and automatic keep-warm options are given. It has ULC and UL certification with 10 proven mechanisms of safety. The cooking pot of the cooker is totally stainless. Kitchen friendly and saves energy highly. The consumers will get manual and handle with this product.

This Instant Pot has adjustable modes of cooking and you can easily program them. For delayed cooking, it gives more than 24 hours and keeps warm the food more than 10 hours. Most of the traditional, international and modern recipes can be cooked.

Ergonomic design has made it more suitable and its pot is washable.  The outer part is not stainless and inside part is stainless. So this cooker will be a long lasting product.

Final Call:

How much Rice-Cooker is beneficial for the modern family, we have discussed enough them. Our experts have practically reviewed these products and after that, they have listed these top choices.

These products are the best product of 2017. If you are looking for the best rice cooker, then nothing can be better than our enlisted products. So it will be better for you if you choose the suitable one from them, it will enormously reduce your pain of daily life.

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