Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Review – Best Slow Cooker Ever?

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Review

The Crock-pot SCCPVL610S is kitchen tool of best uses. This product will never disappoint you. It does its work with perfection. It has multiple functions to cook your food finely. The 6-Quart facility makes it more attracted to the users. It will easily fulfill the appetite of 7 people at large at a time. It has a display to maintain the countdown of cooking time. This countdown can be set up to for 20 hours cooking. After the countdown schedule, it will simply turn off without making any fuss. After that it will switch automatically to turn on its warm mode to cook mode.

The Crock-pot SCCPVL610S is digital. Also it has timer to program and display. All these features are digital. This timer and display makes it different from the CrockPOT 600-S manual. It can be set from anywhere with any source. The timer will work from 30 minutes-24 hours countdown. The cooking method or process can be high or low anything. Alongside with its digital timer and display the CrockPOT is portable.

Addition to that it has a clampdown sealed gasket. It prevents to spill the food while the CrockPOT is moving. It also has a heavy duty made handles to carry that are sturdy. The inner container makes it unnecessary to take any other containers while travelling with it. It is enough presentable to display as an individual container. It is stoneware oval shaped. The stoneware construction makes it energy saver as it keeps your food warm till very long time. It does its work better than any stainless still or aluminum kitchen tool.

The washing system of this best slow cooker 2017 is very easy. As the inner stoneware unit is individual, it makes it very easy to clean separately. You can wash them with bare hands with warm water and soap. Even it is dishwasher safe. Only you need to place it with the lid into the dishwasher system. The best feature of it as the stoneware is oven and microwave proof. However, it is not safe for using frying. Such as- frying onions in the CrockPOT is a bad idea. The frying can easily harm the stoneware unit.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S

The Crockpot SCCPVL610S is very easy to use in a daily basis. It has only settings of two functions, the timer and the temperature. Timer controls the cooking time. The temperature maintains the high and low temperature while cooking. The CrockPOT does not provide any indicator or thermometer to maintain or check on the temperature. So, it does its work efficiently without any confusion of making high or low settings. This feature makes it very easy to operate and makes it flexible for user. Any user can use it with the help of manual.

  • The Pros:

This rice cooker is very light in construction. Also it is really easy to construct. The design of the CrockPOT is very chick and portable also. The clasp of the CrockPOT lockdown is very flexible to handle. It also has a lid that can be sealed. Addition to all these features it has permissive jacket, alongside with 2 large robust conveyable handles. As a matter of fact the Crock-POT is very useful for your cooking.

  • The Cons:

The Crock-POT has a timer. But the timer does not work in a program. It just counts the timing has been set on the exhibit of the cooker. It does not follow the real time of cooking. It only maintains the setting time. So, it won’t cook in a precise time. For all that reason you will have to cook here or set manually from menu. In the end however it is going to end your cooking unguarded. It will automatically switch to keep warm mode. And this mode will keep your food warm until you eat it.

Final Verdict:

A good transportable, slow cook and easy cook cooker would be the Crock-pot SCCPVL610S. it does not create any confusion while cooking multiple programmable functions. All those temperature control, indicator, thermometer would not slow the use of the Crock-POT SCCPVL610S. As a matter of fact the declining of timer made is simple to use. It might not be for multi-purpose uses, but it will do its particular work perfectly.

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