Hamilton Beach 33967A Review – Should You Buy?

Hamilton Beach 33967A Review

A good product in market always speaks. In reference to the statement the Hamilton Beach cooker has been noticed immensely. The Hamilton Beach 33967A is a slow cooker. It has 6-Quart magnitude that can be enough for almost 7 people on the house at a time. You can set it and forget it. The programmable function of it makes it so easy to cook in it. The Hamilton Beach 33967A is a perfect kitchen appliance.

This cooker has all the features as it supposed to have as a good slow cooker. The Hamilton Beach 33967A has automatic programs of cooking. It works in 3 authentic processes. One is program, the other is probe and the last one is the manual mode system. These entire features make the Hamilton Beach 33967A valuable among the other competitors, these makes 33967A a versatile cooking appliance.

The using system of the Hamilton is much alike of Crock-POT’s. So, only you will have to set it and wait for the cooking to take place silently. Select the temperature low/ high to your concern and set the time. After the cooking time ends, I mean the timer has been turned off; it goes to automatic keep-warm mode. It does not overcook your food with all the warming for long hours. Only it will make sure of that you will eat warm food whenever you are having your meal. The Hamilton Beach 33967A is a best slow cooker 2017 without any fuss and disturbance. It will allow your food to slow cook with perfection.

The Hamilton Beach 33967A is versatile than other Crock-POTs SCCPVL610S slow cooker. It is showed precisely under the use of PROBE method or mode. The Crock-POTs miss these features commonly. The Hamilton is best for those occasions when you need to cook precisely and evenly distributed heat, just as cooking meat. The internal pressure of temperature will make the meat perfect. While cooking meat the distribution of even heat or temperature is very essential.

However it is necessary to use indicator or any thermometer to use while cooking chicken or pork roast to make sure of the perfect cooking of the meat. Henceforth it will be raw in the middle. You can check it with the attached thermometer has been given to you with the Hamilton beach 33967A. Then you can monitor the temperature significantly.

Hamilton Beach 33967 Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach 33967

While the inserted thermometer is peeked with preset temperature, it switches its manual automatically to keep-warm mode. This mode will keep your food warm till you ready for having your meal properly. The probe mode is very essential to run the Hamilton. The last mode will help the Hamilton Beach 33967A to set it manually. You will be supervised during selecting the timer and the temperature to cook in perfection. So, the Hamilton Beach 33967A is a perfect slow cooker regarding construction.

The Pros:

  • PROBE Mode – The Hamilton Beach 33967 is a remarkable slow cooker with its three modes of cooking food. The exception that makes the 33967A a better cooker than CrockPOT is the mode of PROBE. This Probe mode will make sure of cooking perfect meat, even a large amount of meats. Cooking in the Hamilton makes the meat very easy task.
  • Transportable – The Hamilton Beach 33967A is portable to move anywhere. Because of its lockdown clasps it is easy to transport here and there. The hard clasp makes it spill proof while moving state. The stoneware of the Hamilton is oven and microwave proof. With the stoneware you will not need any extra container as it can be work as an individual container while travelling. The stoneware is enough good in looking.
  • Easy to Clean – The inner Stoneware makes it easy to clean. The stoneware is removable and also dishwasher safe. Also you can wash it with only warm water and soap.

The Cons –

Some of the consumers of the Hamilton Beach 33967A has been complained of it unexplained power down problem. The company is investigating these complains very seriously to decay in sooner future.

Final Judgment:

The Hamilton Beach 33967A is one of the best slow cookers in the market. Maximum users find it as blessing to cook meat with its versatility and the PROBE method to maintain temperature, though very few customers have complained the sudden switch off. Yet it is very precious for the regular customers of the Hamilton Beach 33967A.

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