Hamilton Beach 33969A Review – Best 6-Quart slow cooker

Hamilton Beach 33969A Review

The Hamilton launched a new slow cooker in the market. It is more advanced in the construction. They named it the Hamilton Beach 33969A 6-Quart slow cooker. This cooker has 3 options like – automatic, manual and program of its process regarding its settings.

Also the Hamilton has an easy setting of rotary in terms of temperature provider on the exhibit of the cooker. It gives you the option to choose between low temperature, high temperature or warm temperature setting. The most valuable information is that it does not have any timer. It is nowhere near any typical Hamilton set ‘n forget cycle. This is a best pick slow cooker.

Hamilton Beach 33969A Review

The features of the Hamilton Beach 6 quart are not identical to other slow cookers the Hamilton is providing in the market. This slow cooker needs not a bit of attention. It can do anything automatic in its process. So, this slow cooker needs you to indicate the whole cooking process. This particular slow cooker does have timer or probe setting. The previous products of the Hamilton family, such as- Beach 33967A has much similar with the 6 quart slow cooker.

The Hamilton Beach 33969A is new in the family and it is made with a motto of just simplicity. Every built in construction here is minimal in every step, though it is portable like other members in the family of the Hamilton. The lid can be shut down with just 1 attempt to stop any kind of linkage or spill while transportation.

This best slow cooker 2017 has heavy duty made handles. The strong handles can be lifted easily and it easily manages the 6 Quart pot. The magnitude of this slow cooker is enough, 6 quart indeed. It gives your eye a moment of doubt as it not bigger than the 33967 or the 33969 slow cookers. Even the Crock-POTs are the same size. Yet the Hamilton 33969A is giving you more capacity to cook.

The process of the Hamilton Beach is very simple. You only just need to fill the crock unit with all the elements of cooking and start the selection of settings. You have to choose from high temperature or from low temperature setting, although you have got only 2 options here. You will need to be alert while cooking. Whenever you think it is ready you need to turn of the cooking mode and switch to the warm mode.

Hamilton Beach 33969A Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach 33969A

It will make your food while eating and also it will favor you from eating overcooked food. It is a difficulty in the Hamilton beach 33969A slow cooker. The Crock-POTs, the other Hamilton Beach range had automatic timer to cook like this best electric cooker 2017. The Hamilton 33969A is portable and easy to use. It has handles that can be folded. The lid can be shut in an instance while you are travelling.

The Pros:

This slow cooker is for big gatherings. The Hamilton Beach is 6 quart. It can feed up to 8 people at a time. It can cook chicken or big pieces of meat here. Because it does not have any timer so, you can for a long time; at least it depends on your mood. You can cook long enough in low or high temperature.

The Cons:

This slow cooker does not have probe settings. It can easily cook big pieces of meat or a whole chicken here yet the no temperature and timer state makes the food vulnerable to overcook itself. All you need here is you and your skills of cooking. The beginners will find the Hamilton Beach 6 quart very hard. Actually only skilled and experienced cooks can cook here with perfection. But still there are some doubts. To cook in this slow cooker one must follow the recipe’s timetable as it does not have any gauge for temperature setting or timer.

Finally, the Hamilton 33969A slow cooker is a good cooking appliance. Yet to cook with it no one needs be an experienced cook. The food can never be raw or overcooked because every detail here is automatic. The Hamilton Beach 33969A will take expected time and energy to cook.

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